18 April 2013

Fun blocks

This is actually my first finish of the year! (That was not a UFO!)

Well the blocks I was making entitled "fun blocks" was just a disguise.  It was really a quilt I was making for my father in law.

He is a pastor so I decided to give all his blocks a biblical theme.

left to right, top to bottom : Joseph's coat, walls of jericho, storm at sea, crown of thorns, greek cross, crown & crown, carpenters wheel, palm leaves, garden of eden, devils puzzle, children of Isreal and Jacobs ladder.

To quilt it I just did a meander, I had thought about doing something different for each block, but I do not feel confident enough in my quilting to do that.  Although I did draw "lines" in the crosses to make it look like wood.

I believe he enjoyed it :) Now I only need to make a quilt for MY dad.  Making quilts for men are SO tricky!

I am linking up to Richard & Tanya's link a finish Friday.

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