17 April 2013

Quilt festival

This weekend I went to Cincinnati to visit my in-laws. They surprised me with a trip to the international quilt festival.

It was WONDERFUL!!! I saw so much outstanding stuff! I bought a twister ruler. But no fabric. I was able to show my in-laws what a long arm machine looks like.  They are hard picture if you have never seen one used!

This was my first time going to a quilt festival.  So my pictures aren't the best, and I am not sure how to make them better.  I suppose going to more shows will help :)

I didn't get the label from this one, but I think it's lovely!

This one is lovely! it is actually embellished.

This was where my husband picked for lunch!  My husband did well!! It was delicious! and SO filling!

Most of the blocks had dark outsides and light insides, but as you can see here, this one (above) had light outsides and dark insides!

I just LOVE it!!

And look at those pretty Zinnias!

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