13 May 2013

Yearly goals

Wow! It's May 13th! I'm not sure where the time went!  I know I was sick toward the beginning of the month. But how is the month half way over? These were my original goals, you can also use the tag goals 2013.

1. 51 posts for the year.  49 to go.  I believe this is my 198th post, and I am going to have a giveaway for my 200th post, so stay tuned!!

2. I have finished 2 quilts this year!! (Kitties quilt & my quilt for my FIL) woohoo!! I haven't been in my sewing room lately, but I do have some Christmas presents that I am working on.  So that's five.  So I think I am good!!

3. So far I have my string quilt, and once I get it started my Lorax quilt.

I had also posted about my goals for April

* I didn't even start my Lorax quilt.  Well I guess that's a lie, I started some test blocks (I don't want to cut into that lovely fabric and mess something up).

* I didn't bind my long arm projects from last year :(

* I have thought about the stockings.  Does that count :p

* And I did finish two quilts (Kitties quilt & my quilt for my FIL)

I am not going to make goals for May, because I know I won't get them finished.  I am not sure when/if I will have time to sew, I am busy this weekend, and I am not sure what we are doing for memorial day.

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