01 June 2013

Goals check in

This is kind of pointless this month, since I didn't get much done in May.  But I will keep it up to remind me what I need to do ;)

1. 56 posts.  Like I said I didn't get much done in May, only 5 posts!

2. As I said before I finished two quilts.  I am not really near finishing others, but still working on some. Plus I had a friend ask me to make her two quilt/wall hangings.  So I will definitely hit 7 this year!

3. The quilts my friend asked me to make are a new pattern to me!  Woohoo! Plus I still have my tumblers quilt to start, and I bought a new ruler to try out.  Now I just need to start the quilts :)

School is out soon, so I will be spending more time in my sewing room.  I love my routine in the summer.  I sleep in (til 8) go to the gym, then go home and sew.  I can't wait!

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