04 June 2013

June goals

 Well here it is June, and almost time for school to be out. I plan on doing a lot of sewing. I do have some friends visiting, one who wants to sew, and my friend Christine who does sew. So I shall have plenty of time. And I'm quite excited about it!

My goals

1. Finish Christmas stockings - I have 5 to make.

2. I found an adorable Halloween table topper I want to try

3. Finish my black & white log cabin top, maybe the string top

4. Finish test lorax blocks so I can start the real one!

5. Start making some pinwheel & 16 patch blocks. (From here)

Those should be good goals. I have time to do them, and I will hopefully get some things finished!  I would really like to rent the long arm at the end of June.

Do not forget! tomorrow is your last day to enter to win some strings! (Link here)

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  1. Good luck with your goals :) May was swamped for me, but June will be a good one.


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