21 June 2013

Three color hour glass block

I am starting a quilt that called for hourglass blocks, which I quite enjoy, they are like half square triangles :) But I needed a specfic hourglass block, I needed the colors to go in the correct spot.  But I couldn't find a good tutorial online, so I thought as I was making them (I think I need like 80 of them total for the quilt I am working on) I would make a tutorial.

Start with two HST (half square triangles).  You can make them however you like, I personally take two squares and draw a line between them and sew on both sides of it.  (If you are doing your HST that way you need to start with a square that is 1.5" bigger than your FINISHED size you want.  If you are not, your HST needs to be 7/8" bigger than your finished size.

You put the two HSTs together, I pinned it, and then opened it, just to make sure my colors were correct.  For my greens to be opposite I needed to put them opposite each other when I sewed them.
If you have them in the correct spot, then I put them together "locking" the two seams, then draw a line from corner to corner, perpendicular to seams.
Then sew a 1/4" on both sides of the line.  I usually have a long chain of these.
Then cut them apart on the line
Once it's ironed you have a beautiful hour glass block, with your colors where you want, and you don't have to mess with triangles!

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