26 August 2013

Heart blocks

These are both "log cabin" hearts.  I love the scrappy feel to them!
I found both of these blocks on sewhooked.com If you have never seen her site, she has a lot of GREAT paper pieced designs.
And this has nothing to do with the quilting world, but I just wanted to give a shout out to my mom on her birthday today!! Love you!

19 August 2013

Heart blocks

I am not sure where I found this block. It is a paper pieced block, but I used some strings I had had for the inside.  I LOVE the black background, but I think it's a little busy, so I think it shall be saved for sashing :)

14 August 2013

Dr. Seuss

I posted in late June about how I was able to play with some fun Dr. Suess fabric.  (that post is here)  And this is what the final project was:
Curtains for my sisters classroom.  She teaches 1st grade, and has a Dr. Seuss theme, she asked if I would make her curtains, so we found the fabric online (and it was an excuse for me to buy more fabric hehe) and I sewed them up.  They actually didn't take THAT long, I serged the edges so I only had to turn them over once.  I think the hardest part was making sure they were both the same size! 
I have only made curtains one other time, and I hadn't realized that you were supposed to use double the width of the window! but I made sure it was big enough this time! 

12 August 2013

Heart block

I had said I hadn't gotten much time in my sewing room, but then all of a sudden I was able to get into my room a few times and get stuff done!

I found the block here, I love how this one looks! and the blue and the orange works so well together!

08 August 2013

Tote bag swap

I am SO far behind posting!! I received this in June, but I haven't been able to post about it!  I received this lovely bag from Sarah.  I think she did just a lovely job!! My only preference was the color purple.  And she did wonderful with it!! Very purple, and VERY me!
Secret Tote Bag Swap  
They will actually be doing another swap in August, I won't be able to join up because of school, but if you're interested check it out!

July blocks

This is the cute block I received from Ruth.  This is just adorable!  Such a friendly little kitty.

Here is the block that I sent Ruth. She asked for 30's prints.  And I don't have any, but I found some that I hope work.


01 August 2013

June blocks

I hate being this far behind! These are my June block swap blocks

My partner asked for a log cabin block in batiks. I have plenty of those, so that wasn't an issue, trying to decide which ones on the other hand, that was a chore!

This is the block I received! It is lovely!


Anyone is welcome to join up!!