29 January 2014

Kate Spain swap

Michelle at Quilts from my crayon box hosted a Kate Spain Charm swap.  Now I have never been one to really follow fabric lines.  I started sewing with fabric from Jo-Ann's, and had never heard of lines of fabric, I just found stuff I liked.  I am still just finding fabrics I like, even if they aren't the same line.

I thought this would be a way for me to kind of see what some lines look like.  Wowsers did I fall in love with some fabrics!! I wish I could have bought more of some of them.  But I am enjoying playing with them.

What I am starting with are these little 9 patches.  I thought it would be a good way to kind of show case the fabrics.  I am using Kona Bone with them, I thought it would be a good neutral and NOT white!!

I only have about 20 9 patches done.  This will kind of be a leader/ender project as I work on other things.

27 January 2014

Coldpocolypse 2014

WOW!!!! We are going to have another 2 days of no school this week!!

I am going to spend these two days sewing.  I have a project I really really want to get finished that I cannot share pictures of just yet. 

I spent some time cleaning up my sewing room first. These drawers ended up being a catch all for everything! So I've cleaned them out and each drawer has one project in it now. :)

More later I'm going to sew. 

14 January 2014

Rainbow Scrap Challenge


I kind of did this last year, but I am going to be a lot better about participating this year!! I decided I would do a churn dash pattern, it's something I have wanted to do for a while, so this is a good way for me to make a quilt I've wanted to do and use up those scraps!

January's color is blue.  I think I am going to make 3 blocks each month.

Here are my three blocks. I found some neutrals I've had (I don't think I had enough of one neutral to do a whole quilt top) that little mermaid print I've had forever. I needed to cut it up and use it. 

10 January 2014

Celtic solstice clue #4


Four patches.

Pretty simple!  I love having a scrap system, I was able to go to my strip bin and just pull out fabrics for this!!

I only have about 40 of these finished, I have some twosies that need to be sewn into the full 4 patches.

You can click the "celtic solstice" tag and see all my other posts :)

I am linking up to Bonnie's linkup here

09 January 2014

Celtic solstice clue #2



I have almost 100 done!!! They were tedious but are SO cute!

I have started on parts of the other clues, but I like to have a majority of this done before I move on to the next one.

08 January 2014

Block Swap


Here is a recent block I have received from my partner!

07 January 2014

Sewpocolypse 2014 day 3

I had a great time sewing the past three days. 

For a project I'm working on (that I can't share just yet) I had to trim some HST (half square triangles). I have about 1/3 of the top put together, but I ran out of red!! I will get more when it's thawed out a little. 

Mini nine patches!! Whoa buddy were those a lot of work!!

And I've been working on bits and pieces of the Celtic solstice mystery. 

I would sew a bunch then take a break and press a bunch :)

It's been awesome!!!


I just found out that I get another day!!!  Woohoo!!!!

06 January 2014


Huskers Quilt finish #3 of the year.

 I loved being able to use the massive design wall!!

It's kind of hard to see here, but this is a (Nebraska) huskers quilt. I made it for a good friends husband.   I was so excited about this.  I found the white, the check and the huskers all in the remnants bin at Jo-Ann's.  The White is Kona snow white.

Here is a closer up picture of it.  I used a solid red binding and Huskers fleece on the back.  To quilt it I did a straight stitch through the white squares (on the diagonal) then crossed about half of them.  It turned out real nice, and was quite appreciated.

Recap 2013 & goals for 2014

About a year ago I set up 3 goals for myself.

1. Post 100 times.  I posted 102! Just barely made it in!  The first trimester at school was a killer, I barely had any free time to myself!

2. Finish 7 quilts.  I did not get that done :( I finished 4 (full) quilts by the end of the year.  I have 3 tops that are done and one that is almost finished.  It is definitely because of not being able to use the long arm.  I LOVE long arming.  And quilting on a sewing machine is just not the same for me.

3. Try three different/new to me patterns.  I made rootbeer & bubble gum which had a modified Ohio star and a string quilt.  So only two new ones.

I am not sure what my goals for 2014 should be.  I would definitely like to be more present in the blogosphere.  I do know part of my struggle with this is time, it's not always the easiest when I am only on a PC for school.

1. Post in my blog 7 times a month.

2. Finish 2 quilts on my home machine that isn't just straight stitching.

3. Finish 5 UFOs.

We will see how things end up going!

05 January 2014


Sewing up a storm. While there's a storm outside!! 

And of course I can't sew without my helper girl :)

I plan on writing a real post tonight as a review of 2013 and what I got done. But for now I sew :)