28 February 2014

Grandma's quilt

I finally have a picture of the finished quilt!  It started here: quilt for grandma finished top

I did not finish the quilt.  Grandma took it to someone that long arms, and let me tell you, she did an AWESOME job!!!

Here is the top :

This is what she did with each of the red/white borders

And how she stitched inside of each shirt.  She used a blue thread and it matches SO well.

My favorite is probably the pinwheels.  I love the little loop-de-loops in the colors of the pinwheel & the contrast of the straight lines.

I am so excited to have been a part of this!! The long armer put the binding on for my grandma, and I finished it.  It's such a treasure to have!

26 February 2014

My dads quilt

This is the quilt I made for my dad.  I googled and found this design :

And then using paint (and a little help from microsoft word) this is what I came up with:

And I was SO excited to start

25 February 2014

One block done

One block done!!

It's going to be a table runner. I'm excited!

I am linking up to Work in Progress Wednesday


20 February 2014

Fabric for life. . .and then SOME!!!!

I just found out about a contest to win fabric for life!! You would get 52 yards of fabric every year for 20 years!! Can you imagine how much fabric that would be?!


Second place would get a one year supply of fabric! (still not too shabby!!)


Third place would get a one year subscription to Quilters club of america, which includes 4 issues of Easy Quilts magazine, free patterns and access to videos!!


Go check it out!!! FREE FABRIC FOR LIFE!

Block swap - February


It's not too late to join the swap! Just shoot an email to blockswapadventure@gmail.com :)
This is the block I made for Ruth.

Here is the block I got back from her 

17 February 2014

Weekend sewing

I feel SO productive!!  This weekend I finished a quilt (finished the top, the quilting and I put the binding on). Although I realized later I forgot to put a label on it. I plan on adding one this week. I cannot wait to share this quilt! But it's a gift, so nothing yet :(

I also made 16 bowtie blocks (love them as a leader/ender!) 

I think I might start sewing them into twosies & foursies soon. 

I also spent some time on Celtic solstice. 

I like this picture better than the cropped one 

I feel like you can see the pattern more when you step away. I'm not done with all the pieces, but I really wanted to start putting some blocks together. I'm in love!

We also stopped at Jo-Ann's (we only needed 1 thing) but saw calicoes were 50% off. 

I bought these for a fall table runner. 

And a valentines day one (I know I'm late for this year ;) )

All in all it was a great week end (and not just because of the sewing!!!)


 I am linking up with FNSI since I did quite a bit on Friday night :)

16 February 2014

Fabric scrap swap

I participated in a fabric scrap swap.  It was on Flickr.  I enjoy the swaps, but flickr annoys me.  Mainly because I cannot access it easily on my phone

  Here is the cute little bag it was in! (I already have a (non quilting) use for this bag!)


And here is the lovely fabric! I cannot wait to cut into it! It's going to look great with all my scrappy stuff I have!

Look at these pattern weights she sent me!! Aren't they gorgeously purple!

Here is the fabric I sent to my partner

15 February 2014

Friday night sewing

I got SO much done tonight! Wish I could share more pictures.

I finished a quilt top. And started quilting it. I hope to finish it soon (maybe this weekend?)

I've been working on Celtic solstice. I have pieces that I'm starting to put together blocks but there's not enough for me to take pictures. 

Tomorrow I'm working on finishing the quilt and possibly working on a table runner. 

Hopefully more pictures to come! 

13 February 2014

Rainbow Scrap challenge - Pink


February's color was pink.  Which was actually not that tough for me! I seem to have a lot of pink (not quite as much as I do blue though!) 

12 February 2014

Celtic solstice clue #3


Half square triangles! I love these!  This has taken me so long to photograph because I have been working on sewing them, but haven't cut them apart and pressed them.

I'm going to wait until I've finished all of them to put the pinwheels together. Just to make sure I have enough variety!


I'm about half way done sewing these!! I love them!! they're so fun! and they look so great with everything else!

Work in Progress Wednesday

I have been able to work on a lot of things lately. . .just little bits and pieces!

Bow tie blocks. . .I can't remember how many of these I have.  I recently went through and put them in a box because I didn't have room for each step and the finished ones!

Celtic solstice! still chipping away at that! Not all the way done, but I do have a partial block layout I can do!!

I am linking up with WIP Wednesday

I am also linking up with Quilt fabric Tuesday

Fresh Poppy Design

11 February 2014

Block Swap


Here is a cute kitty I received!!

Teresa asked for a cactus pot block

05 February 2014

Block swap

This is the block I sent to Dawnelle

This is the block from her, I actually got two!!! twin kitties!

As always, it's never too late to join!


03 February 2014

February Goals check in

1. Post in my blog 7 times a month.  I posted 10 times in January!! Woohoo!! and I know I will have plenty of time to sew, and blog in the month of February!

2. I haven't had time for this, and this one sure does intimidate me, cause I am not sure I can drop the feed dogs on my machine! (Singer 99K)

3. I have my UFOs around, so that I will get them finished.  It's just finding the time!!

Did you make any goals for the year? how are they coming? (and when did February get here!)