17 February 2014

Weekend sewing

I feel SO productive!!  This weekend I finished a quilt (finished the top, the quilting and I put the binding on). Although I realized later I forgot to put a label on it. I plan on adding one this week. I cannot wait to share this quilt! But it's a gift, so nothing yet :(

I also made 16 bowtie blocks (love them as a leader/ender!) 

I think I might start sewing them into twosies & foursies soon. 

I also spent some time on Celtic solstice. 

I like this picture better than the cropped one 

I feel like you can see the pattern more when you step away. I'm not done with all the pieces, but I really wanted to start putting some blocks together. I'm in love!

We also stopped at Jo-Ann's (we only needed 1 thing) but saw calicoes were 50% off. 

I bought these for a fall table runner. 

And a valentines day one (I know I'm late for this year ;) )

All in all it was a great week end (and not just because of the sewing!!!)


 I am linking up with FNSI since I did quite a bit on Friday night :)

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  1. You have been productive and you reminded me I also forgot to add my label. Love the Celtic solstice design. Loves like lots of work. well done!


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