25 March 2014

Dad quilt top done!

Here is the top all laid out (it sure was hard to get a full picture of it!!)  I chose a smaller white border then a wider black border.  I had wanted to do a yellow border also, but then I would have struggled finding batting to fit it! as it was it JUST fit on the batting.

I tried to get a picture of the quilting here.  I stitched inside the letters 1/4" (of the Chiefs and the KC) and then inside the yellow of the arrowhead and white of the arrowhead.  I also stitched around the black border.

This quilt was probably one of the quickest quilts I have ever made. Now I haven't always kept track of when I started projects (I am doing that now) but I started this one on January 3rd (designing it) and finished it on February 16th (minus the label).  It's amazing how fast something will come along when you are motivated!

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