20 March 2014

extension table for a featherweight

I have the coolest Mother in law!!! First of all, she let me "steal" her featherweight. (I posted about it here) really I have been borrowing it for a long time ;) But my MIL is happy that it is getting used (and you bet it does!!)

Well for Christmas this year she got me this extension table to use with the featherweight! I hadn't really had a chance to use it until I did my sit n stitch the other night. 

It is SO awesome!!! It is big enough I can lay out a quilt block (or here two since they were smaller) and I just have such a big work space!  They will be doing sit n stitch next week too.  So I will be there!! (with my table extension!)

I don't know where she bought it, since it was a Christmas gift, but it says "Sew Steady" on it.

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