23 March 2014

Rainbow scrap challenge

After getting my Bonnie Hunter quilt books I proceeded to fall in love with a few quilt patterns.  One I thought that I would be good for the rainbow scrap challenge, of course, this means that I have to revisit January & February's colors.  (Which kind of works out, because I am not doing March's color of Teal).

This block will allow me to practice my flying geese (which I am not real fond of)

This block requires string blocks!!! Which I love!!

You put the string blocks together with a 9 patch (sorry I forgot a picture of it on it's own!)

And VOILA!!! the finished block! I LOVE it!! I have a layout all picked out, now I just need to get the blocks done!

Shout out to my husband who says he reads my blog :p

I am linking up to rainbow scrap challenge (I will make the link prettier when I get home, we are on the road) http://superscrappy.blogspot.com/2014/03/scraphappy-saturday-between-blue-and.html


  1. What a great block! Love that block how bonnie does it and your block turned out great! Which method do you use to make the flying geese blocks?

  2. Yay for another Bonnie lover! Your block looks great!


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