21 March 2014


I have shown pictures of my two kitties, but never told their stories.  Lily Pad Quilting is having a blog hop/giveaway for people that share about their rescues!!

I have two kitties.  Minnie & Pepé.  Minnie I got right after my husband I got married, and we were living apart (we both accepted jobs three hours apart on the same day! oops) and I wanted a friend.  I was looking around Craigslist and I saw this little face looking back at me:

The lady I got her from was actually just cat sitting while HER friend was in Germany (her dad was sick).  But the lady I got her from had a baby and Minnie would NOT stay out of the crib, and the baby was allergic to cats (but only really affected because Minnie was in her face).

So she came home with me.  We became fast friends.  She was my little shadow.  She would even shower with me.  Well she would sit between the two shower curtains.  She slept with me every night.

I always felt like Minnie wanted a friend.  So when we moved to Indiana I begged my husband to let us get her one.  His moms' best friend is the kind of person that kitties just FLOCK to!! And she had a little boy kitty (I wanted a boy because I know Minnie is dominant) that was three-ish years old.

And I got my little Pepé (yes like Pepé le pew) my husband named him!

Minnie & Pepé did NOT get along at first.  But now they are FAST friends! Almost always together.  Minnie takes care of her "little" older brother.  They love to cuddle and play!

I am also linking up with Feline Friday.


  1. Awwww ... kitty cuteness ... thanks for sharing on Feline Friday ... :) Pat

  2. It's so nice when cats can finally work out their differences and take care of each other. Happy Feline Friday!!!!

  3. Your babies are adorable! My husband wants a black and white cat with a white stripe down his back, Your Pepe, made me think of that! LOL

  4. Both have the sweetest faces and look quite content.

  5. What a wonderful story. Snowshoe kitties are not only beautiful, but have fabulous purrsonalities as well. What lucky kitties to have found such a wonderful and loving home. Thanks for sharing!

  6. They sure do look happy to be your special friends....lovely story, too. Thanks for sharing in our linky party!

  7. Nice that they have each other - and you and your husband!

  8. Love their names and they so look adorable in the photos!

  9. so sweet
    LeeAnna Paylor who's standard poodle writes posts on the blog lapaylor.blogspot.com

  10. Oh they are so pretty! I think cats like having another furry person in the home too. Love the markings on Minnie's face.


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