30 April 2014

Sit n stitch April 29

Pieces of my bowties, I have been working on these a lot, so they are kind of slowing down (since I don't have as many.  I want to count them up, but I know I am no where near being done!

I sewed some HST for my pinwheels for my quilt I am calling scraptacular.

And 16 patches to go with the pinwheels.


And this is what I decided to use for the border of my Celtic Solstice quilt.  I cannot WAIT to show pictures of it!! But it's too big for me (and I want a nice picture!) So when my husband gets home Thursday I will make him hold it!

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28 April 2014

Celtic solstice


I got the top done!! Well minus the borders.  I am not sure what I will do for borders.  I am thinking about a thinner green border, then a wider purple border.

24 April 2014

Celtic solstice

I finished the top!! (Well minus the borders!)

23 April 2014

Sit n stitch

This isn't the exact picture from last night, but it's what I was working on. I need a LOT more square blocks.

I came home and Minnie was ready to play!

I sewed at home, while skyping with my husband last night. I'm working on sewing the Celtic solstice rows into a top, and borders for it. 

I decided to do a smaller layout, and add more borders to get the desired size. 

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22 April 2014

Sit n stitch

Every Tuesday for the past few weeks I have been going to a local quilt shop that does a sit n stitch every Tuesday.  These are my pictures from *last* Tuesday, things have been kind of crazy I haven't had time to write about what I've done!

I love having the table that my mother in law gave me! It makes things SO handy!

I brought Celtic Solstice to work on! it's flying now that I am only putting blocks together into rows!! I was going to do 7 x 9 layout, but those blocks took SO much work, I am just doing 5 x 7 and I will add borders as necessary to make it big enough. 

08 April 2014

Minnie cat + talkin turkey


I finally have another talkin' turkey block done!! Of course Minnie wants to help! 

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04 April 2014

Block Swap Adventure

 I ended up having two partners for the month of March.  Sam  was my partner.  She had a few blocks to choose from.  I chose this one: 

And this is the kitty she sent me. I don't feel like the colors are true to what she sent.  It's a gorgeous purple!

 Swaps for April have already been sent out, but you can still sign up!!!!

03 April 2014

Block Swap Adventure

My partner for the month was Alida.  She sent me this little kitty:

And she gave me a few choices, and one was a snails trail, so of course I picked that one!!

April partners have been sent out, but you can still sign up for May!

01 April 2014

Goals check in

1. Post in my blog 7 times a month.  Well March I posted 14 times!! woohoo!! Hopefully April I can keep it up (school will keep me busy, and I am starting a part time job).  But I plan on going to sit n stitch at the local quilt shop!

2. Finish 2 quilts on my home machine that are not just straight stitching. I think I might change this one to finish 10 quilts this year.  Which I think is EXTREMELY doable since I will hopefully have a long arm to rent soon!

3. Finish 5 UFOs.  Haven't started on that.  Let's see which 5 should I do? Scott's tee shirt quilt, my UNI quilt, my "quillow" (I'm not sure how great it will look as a quillow), my Sudoku quilt.  That's 4.  I will have to look through my UFO box.  I have 2 others, that really just need to be quilted that I see more as a project in progress.