01 April 2014

Goals check in

1. Post in my blog 7 times a month.  Well March I posted 14 times!! woohoo!! Hopefully April I can keep it up (school will keep me busy, and I am starting a part time job).  But I plan on going to sit n stitch at the local quilt shop!

2. Finish 2 quilts on my home machine that are not just straight stitching. I think I might change this one to finish 10 quilts this year.  Which I think is EXTREMELY doable since I will hopefully have a long arm to rent soon!

3. Finish 5 UFOs.  Haven't started on that.  Let's see which 5 should I do? Scott's tee shirt quilt, my UNI quilt, my "quillow" (I'm not sure how great it will look as a quillow), my Sudoku quilt.  That's 4.  I will have to look through my UFO box.  I have 2 others, that really just need to be quilted that I see more as a project in progress.

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