30 April 2014

Sit n stitch April 29

Pieces of my bowties, I have been working on these a lot, so they are kind of slowing down (since I don't have as many.  I want to count them up, but I know I am no where near being done!

I sewed some HST for my pinwheels for my quilt I am calling scraptacular.

And 16 patches to go with the pinwheels.


And this is what I decided to use for the border of my Celtic Solstice quilt.  I cannot WAIT to show pictures of it!! But it's too big for me (and I want a nice picture!) So when my husband gets home Thursday I will make him hold it!

I am linking up to work in progress Wednesday.

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  1. Is sit n stitch something you go to away from home?
    I ask because once a month I go to sit n' sew at the local quilt shop....it's 4 hours on a Friday evening once a month. I love it! I get so much done and lots of socializing with other quilters.



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