23 April 2014

Sit n stitch

This isn't the exact picture from last night, but it's what I was working on. I need a LOT more square blocks.

I came home and Minnie was ready to play!

I sewed at home, while skyping with my husband last night. I'm working on sewing the Celtic solstice rows into a top, and borders for it. 

I decided to do a smaller layout, and add more borders to get the desired size. 

I am linking up with feline Friday


  1. At least I'm not the last one working on Celtic Solstice!! great scrap quilt too!
    Looks like Minnie had a great time playing =^..^=

  2. I'm still working on CS too! And of course Minnie wants to play, you left a dangley-thing right there!


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