29 August 2014

Dr. Who

I have started using instagram.  I love pictures, so it's quite dangerous for me.  Usually what I post about are my cats and quilt projects.  I was jumping around randomly and I found Rachel from http://www.quiltineering.com.  She had this cute Dr. Who mini quilt.  And I would not say I am the HUGEST Dr. Who fan, I do quite enjoy it.  And because I like to start at the beginning, I have been using Netflix to catch up on the older episodes.  I am currently on the fifth doctor (see picture) I don't care for him much though.

This pattern required appliqué.  So I cut out the pieces. I don't have many pictures during the process because it was so quick and easy!

I LOVE this shot!  It was after I had stitched all the letters down, and Pepé was being TOO cute!

Sorry I can't turn this picture around.  But you can see my stitching.  It's not perfect.

 And here is my finished project!! I enjoyed it quite a bit, and as I said above it was a quick project, I don't think it took me more than 4 hours. 

Now for the best part, you should hop over to Quitineering because she is having a give away!

25 August 2014

Design Wall Monday

Here are the sashings and corner stones.  I am so excited to see this come together!!!

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18 August 2014

Design Wall Monday

 Here is my design wall Monday, except really it's a design bed Monday!

I actually started this quilt FOUR years ago!! (Read here for more about it).  It's just been sitting in a box.  I don't know WHY I haven't worked on it.  I suppose it's just gotten buried by other things.  I needed a break from some other things I am doing, so I decided to pull it out.  And I laid them out.  I had originally thought about using the two different backgrounds, but I realized I didn't have enough of the blue.  So I decided to lay them out like this.  (I decided a while ago I wanted it on point).  I quite like it.

Now I just have to figure out the sashing and cornerstones.  Then the setting and corner triangles.

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17 August 2014


I haven't been able to sew much. 

I'm excited to get some stuff done today. 

06 August 2014

Ice cream quilt

I visited an ice cream shop recently, and there was SO much character on the inside.  But my favorite part was this ice cream wall hanging that I saw!

I think one of my favorite things is that it wasn't all perfect, there were a few cones that had the triangle corners cut off.

And here is a close up of one of the ice cream cones!! Adorable!!

04 August 2014

Pets on Quilts - entry #2

This one is cats on quilts. . .

Quilting is new to Pepé since I have only had him about 4 years, but he takes his job as quilt inspector VERY seriously!

Here is blending in guarding my dads Chiefs quilt (click for more pictures).

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03 August 2014

Pets on Quilts entry #1

My first entry for pets on quilts is other animal themed quilts.

I have already shared this picture, it's for a quilt I made for a young lady who was my student aide last year.  She was an immense help to me.  She loves turtles, so it was a no brainer what kind of quilt to make for her.

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01 August 2014

New sewing room

My husband and I recently found a new (rental) place.  And of course one of the first things we set up, was my sewing room!!   It's bigger than my last one that is for sure, but I am having problems making it all fit! of course my LARGE shelves to hold everything are effecting that.

I will definitely post pictures as more of it comes together.  I am going to do A LOT of organizing before I can do much sewing :( and school starts towards the end of this month, so my ability to sew will be greatly diminished.  But I will still be attending sit n stitch on Tuesday nights, and the once a month meeting in Indy.