25 September 2014

Pressing board

With my new sewing room I had my ironing board in a different place.

I have had this since 2001 when I went to college. I recovered it in 2010, and it still has that fabric on it, but it's quite dingy.  Where I had put it was kind of behind my chair so I could turn around to use it.  But it was just slightly longer than the table I used.

(I put it right next to the purple drawers).  Since it was longer than the table, occasionally the chair would bump into it, and move the ironing board and often times knock over my iron!  I found a tutorial make your own pressing board, and I have seen many tutorials, but it was never necessary for me to use one.  Since I needed one now, I found a tutorial online.

I couldn't find the sound board that she talked about.  But found this pressed plywood, which is three layers of plywood with something between it.  So I sanded it.  My husband wanted me to use two types of sanding, a courser and finer ones.

I was in a hotel when I did this (glad I did since it was messy and big!) batting and top laid out.


Here it is laid out in my room!  yes I still use my tiny iron. 


Minnie LOVES it!! I love that she is able to sit there while I iron.  She's not in my way.  I can also fit a 12" block on it!! (I could barely do that on my other one).  I LOVE this so much!!!

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