06 September 2014


How exciting! I entered a contest and won!! And it was a great give away!

Nann had posted her 10 quilty little secrets.  Then asked us to post some of ours in a comment.

I will post my 10 here.

1. I bind 100% by machine, I do do the mitered corners, they aren't always pretty (the corners)

2. I buy fabric at Jo-Ann's. BUT only if it's on sale. They do actually have some quality stuff.

3. I dislike paying full price, but will at quilt shops because I like to help local businesses.

4. If I find a pattern I like I will also try to recreate it. If you look at my turtle quilt, that is very similar (but not the same) as the ones that one of the quilting magazines came out with.

5. I never prewash.  I always use a shout color catcher when I do wash.

6. I buy fabric because I like it.  I have recently been trying to only buy it for a specific project.  But more so I try to decide if it's a light or a dark and how it would look in a scrappy quilt.

7. I use a mini iron on an ironing board my mom bought me when I went to college (13 years ago) I have recovered the ironing board.

8. I used to be a pinner, I would pin everything all the time, but as I have gotten more adept I don't pin unless I really really want to make sure things line up.

9. I sew over pins.  I have had a few bend, but really haven't had many other issues.

10. I have made quilts for everyone in my "immediate" family, but my sister has gotten the most she has received 3.  But she's the only one that asks for them.  Other than that I make what I like.

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the "confessions" and the giveaway!


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