12 November 2014

Kitties block

If you have read my blog at all you can probably tell I love cats.  I was browsing pinterest or instagram and I found this post (picture links to post):

I loved it!  I love how there are so many kitties, the colors, all of it.  So I did some searching and I found Better off thread, who made the pattern herself with partial seams.  I do not like partial seams.  So I went to recreate it myself.

This is just a test block, if I were really going to make a quilt of them I would add quite a few more!

 So for each CAT you need:

4.5" square (body)
3" x 4.5" rectangle (head)
2 - 1.75" x 4.5" rectangles (legs)
2 - 2" squares (ears)

2 - 2" x 4.5" rectangle background - for legs and ears.
4.5 square background for space without a kitty.

To start you take one 2 x 4.5" rectangle, and two 2" squares and sew from one corner to the other.

Then you need to trim the excess off (if this was any bigger I probably would have saved them, but not this size.

Then take the 3 x 4.5 rectangle and sew it to the ears.

Sorry this one is on its side!

Take the two 1.75" x 4.5" rectangles and sew them together with the background in the middle.

This is where having a design wall would come in handy.  I wasn't planning on making this much bigger so my cutting board worked well.

I sewed it together by rows. So I pressed opposite directions for each row.

And voila! Finished kitties.  I think I will eventually make a full quilt out of this!  After I get through everything else I have to finish ;)


  1. That's is the first pattern I've seen with cats going in all directions. I like it. And I love bright colours. :)


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