08 November 2014

Vintage Quilt

When I went home last my grandmother showed me something.  It was a quilt that her mom (my great grandmother had made).  It was LOVELY!!

I liked the fabrics here.

And anything purple tickles my fancy!

Her points were spot on!

And here is a shot of the full quilt! I love the colors on the diagonal!  I posted in a quilting group on facebook, and I was told this was called periwinkle or hummingbird.  I did find a few similar patterns.  I think once I am done with my bow tie quilt I am going to make my own periwinkle quilt.  Granted mine will be slightly different than my great grandmas.  Hers was all sewn by hand.  I will be doing mine by machine.

I was so excited to find out my great grandma had made this because I am a first generation quilter.  My mom sewed a little (I have clothes she made my sisters and I when we were younger).  My grandma used her machine for mending, but that was the extent of it.  To find a quilt that my great grandma made means the world to me.  I guess there might have been more but when my grandma was younger there was a flood at their house and they lost a lot.


  1. Love this quilt!! I live south of you in Columbus and I assume the quilt shop group you joined in another post was the Backdoor. Small world. I like your blog and what you're working on.

  2. What a wonderful treasure! I too come from a long line of quilters. I recreated a quilt designed by my great great great great grandmother. It was a very meaningful experience. I hope you will feel the same when you recreate this one. I used modern methods as well. I'm pretty sure my grandmother did not paper piece or use a rotary cutter.


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