23 January 2015


 I made this for Danna, who was our host daughter in 2010, she has come back multiple times to visit, and this year we were lucky enough to have her at Christmas.  I saw BOTH of these fabrics and knew I wanted to make her something.

I decided a two sided blanket.  I didn't use batting because it has flannel and a fleece type fabric.  She definitely enjoys it, which makes me happy :)

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16 January 2015

Chiefs star quilt

Here is the quilt on the long arm.  I just did a meander.

 And here it is laid out.  I don't have a picture with the binding, but I used solid, red, white, yellow & black.

14 January 2015

Top done!

And here is the top all finished! I think it will be big enough for my sister & her husband (who is 6' 4") since this is our California King bed!

07 January 2015

Chiefs star quilt

 Here is step one of adding sashings.  Some of the blocks were 12.5", so that made it interesting.  I had a very hard time trying to decide how to sash it. 

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01 January 2015

Table runner #3

 I believe I shared this exact same table runner already!! But this was the 3rd one my mother in law got, I also gave one similar to my sister in law.  Hers only had 3 presents, I wasn't sure how long her table was.

I was so excited to give these as Christmas presents, I am going to try to make more home made things from now on.  I just need to start sooner in the year :)