15 April 2015

Stash Bee 2015

Here are all the blocks I received from the Stash bee (hive 7).  OH MY GOSH!! The blocks are lovely!! I cannot wait to get them into a quilt together!

This picture shows all the blocks I have received plus some I have made myself.  I was thinking I would need A LOT more blocks, but I think a few more (because I am going to use a sashing) will be perfect.

12 April 2015


Here is everything I received!  I cannot believe all that she sent

She even included a little gift for my foster daughter! That meant the world to me!

She decorated the box, I LOVED it!

I didn't get pictures of everything I sent to my partner but here is her mini and the label!  I hope she enjoys it.  

11 April 2015

Spring fling

I joined instagram and have been using that as a way for me to share with the quilting community.  One of the more recent swaps I joined was the spring fling mini swap.

I was a little late in making it, but here is the collage I made.  It was one of the first surveys I filled out, so I wasn't sure what to say, but I said I liked the color purple (quite an understatement!) But I enjoy paper pieced things, snails trail is my favorite block, I love Shrek, vintage singers and anything cat or appliqué.

Here is the sneak peak I posted on Instagram for my partner.  I really hope she enjoys what I am making for her!

It is due this Friday, I need to finish the quilting on it and package it up!