17 June 2015

First quilt

Since we have moved to Indiana, I have hosted my best friends kids (from Iowa).  This year the youngest (9) came out.  She wanted to make a quilt.  And she went to town.

Here is the finished top.  I learned a lot since her oldest sister came out.  I wasn't as stressed about everything ending up perfect.  Just let her go.

Here she is basting the quilt

All finished on the bed she was sleeping in.

I cannot believe how quickly she got it done!  I am very proud of her!

04 June 2015

Irish chain - baby quilt

My sister recently had a baby girl.  They waited to find out if it was a boy or a girl, so I came up with a quilt pattern that wouldn't require me to know.  Since they conceived in Ireland, I thought this would be a cute pattern.

Here is a portion of the back.  Once I found out the baby was a girl I knew this floral would be perfect, since it had green & orange.  But I didn't have enough, but I did have this cute pink.

Here is a part of the front with the back.

01 June 2015

Spring fling

I shared pictures of my spring fling mini I sent (here)

Here is a collage of everything I received.I think my partner did a great job of stalking me.  I LOVE the Eiffel tower pouch (now what to use it for!!)


And here is the mini she made me!! Look at that pretty little PURPLE machine!!! I LOVE it! I need to find a place to hang it!