18 January 2016

Green & Brown quilt finished!

I actually started this quilt in 2013!!!!!  You can see more information about it by clicking here

I did diagonal quilting through the green squares.  I used green to bind it.  And I LOVE how it turned out! I was able to gift it for Christmas 2015!

17 January 2016

Pirate Swap

I was doing a pirate swap, and my parent said they wanted a siren, well I couldn't find an exact siren, but I did find a mermaid, which is kind of the same thing right?  I liked the idea behind it, you cut up squares and sew them down.  

I think I did mine a little different then she suggested, I used iron on paper to the back and that was how I stuck it down.  Here you can see the start and some of my squares I used.  It was a great scrappy project!

And this is the final design.  I decided triangles would kind of give a sea feel.  For quilting I stitched inside the mermaid following her lines pretty close together.  Then every where else I just kind of did wavy stitches to look like the sea.  For the triangles I did straight line quilting.

I teach at a school whose mascot is the pirates, so I asked for something I could hang in my classroom.

And hang it I did!! I love it! It looks great!

16 January 2016

Quilted composition book cover

I received one of these for a swap, and have been hooked!  I have been making them left and right!  They are great for scraps of fabric!

I had made a few for craft shows and Christmas.

I have been really bad about updating my blog (SINCE SEPTEMBER!) so there are going to be a lot of catch up posts in the next few weeks, and hopefully I can start sharing things I work on now :)