29 September 2017

Bow ties laid out

I love these little bowties, I decided to lay out my blocks of 16 to see how it was looking.  And I don't know what it is about these blocks! But I just love them.  I cannot wait to finish this quilt.

28 September 2017

Microwave cozy

My mother in law had talked about how she wanted one of those microwave bowl holders.  So after I made her some for Christmas I also started making some to sell at craft shows.

Here are five of them sewn together ready to be turned right side out.  I found the pattern on craftsy.  It is a very easy pattern to follow and quick.

25 September 2017

Joy Banner

I had found a pattern with the little stars a long time ago.  It's been at least since 2014. It was supposed to have the words JOY with it, and I think stars all around it.  I couldn't find the pattern, but have recently started something with the moda alphabet blocks

I can make it with one row of stars

or two.  I haven't finished it yet.  So I don't know which one I will choose.  

21 September 2017

Birthday swap January

The background was a little too busy, but it's got a lot of potter in it!

The patterns I used were from https://sewhooked.com/harry-potter/

18 September 2017

Scraptacular & some kitties

Minnie loved helping me with the scraptacular quilt

Here is the binding I used on scraptacular, I figured the quilt was scrappy the binding was going to be too!

And these two loved helping me sew!

15 September 2017


I have been working on this quilt for so long I completely forgot I had named it scraptacular.  I was going through blog posts to see when I had posted about it and such.  

The last time was April 2014! I finally got to the point recently where I wanted it finished.  I decided to send it to one of my good friends because I was making her another quilt, and I didn't want her family to steal her quilt.  So this became a family quilt.  And one of the neat things, is that I think there is fabric from each of her kids quilts in this.

13 September 2017

Scrappy trips

I have loved being a part of scrappy trips swaps.  I have so much variety in my quilt!  I cannot wait to finish this one, it will definitely be on my 2018 finish list ;)

08 September 2017

Table topper

Here are some table toppers I made for Christmas 2015
There were two, one with the blue & white front and one with the grey and off white
This was the front side, with Colts on the back
I didn't pay attention to my layout of the, but I think it still works.
This one had colts on the back of it also.

06 September 2017


I have not been posting in my blog, and I miss it.  I like coming back here and seeing what I have been up to.

But things have been crazy for the past year.  But I want to keep up with this blog for ME! So I am going to try to keep up. 

I have a lot of things to share that I have been working on/worked on for the past yearish. 

So hopefully this is my welcome back post :)