30 October 2017

Round robin 2016

I have wanted to join a round robin for a long time.  Someone on facebook posted about one, so I jumped at the chance to join!

This is the first block I received, and I added the string blocks to the outside.

This is the block I sent.  I will post a final picture of it

I added the black & white hour glass blocks.  I wanted something that would add to it, but not be super crazy.

It's just lovely!! I am adding some purple & white 2.5" squares to make it just a little bit bigger.

28 October 2017

Sewing weekend

It's my fall break, and last year I came to Texas & visited my friend Christine (that I visit for thanksgiving).  She's my favorite person to quilt with!

I made some microwave bowls.

Christine is working on a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt.  I am working on some quilt tops.  I have finished this one in the picture, and almost a second & third.

24 October 2017

Simply mini swap November 2015

 I was excited when I saw that my partner liked this pattern, because I had bought it to make for myself!  So I got to make it for her!  The one I had seen online had straight line quilting, but nothing crossed.  So I decided to keep with that.

I have enjoyed doing swaps on instagram in the past year.  But I decided to slow down because I realized I spent more time working on swaps than gifts for other people.  

The pattern is from quiet play, you can get it on craftsy here: https://www.craftsy.com/profile/quiet-play-s-pattern-store

22 October 2017

Craft night aka finished my bowtie top

I found a scrapbook store near us that does crafting nights.  So I signed up!!!

I love my little featherweight with the table my MIL got me.

Here is the top!!

Laid out.
Here is a close up of some blocks.

I am so excited to have this top done! Although now I think maybe I need to make it a little bigger.  I was kind of thinking about putting it on my bed.  If you click here you can see all my bowtie posts.  I cannot believe how long it's been since I have started it! It was a GREAT and easy leader/ender project.

11 October 2017

zippy pouch


I found a zipper while I was working on my nightmare before Christmas quilt and had a small piece of fabric left over, so I decided to make a little zippy pouch.

I have no clue what I will use it for.  But I'm sure it will come in handy.

05 October 2017


I decided in December 2012 I wanted to make a bow tie quilt.  I wanted to use it as my leader and enders.  And I have been.  I used other things too.  But I liked making this one because I was able to cut up a variety of fabrics, from projects I was working on to use in it.

Here is a link with all my bow tie progress posts. I have currently sewn all the rows together, next shall be putting it together and quilting it.  This quilt is for ME! And I don't have to share it if I don't want to!