05 January 2018

My heart Quilt

One of, if not the first quilt I finished was for my grandma.

 I think I have shared it here before, but here it is again.

It has the only thing I have ever finished cross stitch on.   (and I think when I did it I winged it).  But it was in 2000.

Well it's been a few years, and been washed a few times, and wasn't sewn the best, so it's started to fray quilt a bit in some spots.  So my grandma had asked me if I could patch it up.  I am not sure how I will, but I am going to try.

BUT she doesn't want to be without her quilt, she loves it so much.  Well I didn't want her to be without one either, so I made her a second one.

I used blue because I used blue in her first quilt, and purple because that's my favorite color.  So I told her she always has my heart with her.

It wasn't a difficult quilt to make, but definitely outside of my norm, because of all the white, even though it's all scrappy, there is a LOT of white.  But I really wanted the heart to pop.

This was finish 4 of 4 for the year.

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