08 February 2018

Brook's Quilt - or finally a quilt

Brook has wanted a quilt since she moved in with us, but I tried explaining that it took me 15 years to make my dad a quilt, I probably wasn't going to be able to just whip her one out.

Well I found a design someone had posted on facebook to be real inspiring, so I found a way to use up some blocks I had, plus cut into some cute fabric.

 Here is Mochi while I was putting the binding on.  She would NOT get off of the quit!

And here is the quilt finished.  The darker blue fabric has French bread and macaroons on it.  I called this Quilt "finally" a quilt since has been asking for one for almost 3 years.

I used 2.5" blocks, and then the solid blue & macaroon blue were 8.5" x 4.5".  I think this pattern could be fun to do with certain colors too.

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