30 May 2018

And now for some sashing.

I now have 8 stars, and I wanted to see how it looked with the fabric I picked out for sashing.  I wasn't too sure how I felt about it.

I cut up some more strips and laid it out.  I am really liking how this is coming together!

I think I might add another border on the outside to finish it up. We will see how I feel once I get this put together.

Here is my new quilting buddy Earl helping me out.

28 May 2018

And then there were 6

I am able to get a few done each night, they don't take much work! I shouldn't have any issues meeting my deadline!

I think the biggest issue I will have is not having enough fabric to make the quilt as big as I would like.  I have pre ordered this fabric, and finding more has been a struggle.  But I can add a border to make the quilt bigger.

26 May 2018

And then there were 4

I got 4 blocks done tonight.  They are pretty easy to whip up.  I just need to figure out how many I am going to do, and how I will sash them.

24 May 2018

Star block

I had said I had some ideas about how to use my 2.5" squares.  And this is what I came up with!  

 I decided to make it 4x4.  So I had to cut the background strips 8.5"x 2.5" and I just did a stitch and flip for the corners or star points.

I can't wait to get more of these whipped up!

14 May 2018

Heat press

So I have wanted to start making memory quilts for people, and one of the things required for that is being able to put interfacing on shirts.  So I bought a heat press.  I haven't been able to play with it much.  We put it in the garage so the kitties don't mess with it. 

I had fun playing with it and figuring out the settings.

11 May 2018

Table runner - red, white & blue

I am trying to make more table runners that are different holidays, Christmas is generally fairly easy, but I can't sell those well in the spring.

So I thought I would go through my scraps and wanted to make a red, white & blue one.

My husband helped me lay this one out.

08 May 2018

May Goals

1. Post in my blog 7 times a month.  Even if I am just updating about how my leader/ender progress is coming.  I need to write!
- Woot! 8 posts in April! I am trying to make sure I document everything!

2. Finish Quilts for my nephew (it's started), B for graduation (no clue what to do!), A for Christmas (log cabin), J for Christmas (scrappy strings). Make tee-shirt quilts (3).
- I have been working on scrappy strings but that's about it! I have plans for the summer!

3. Organize and use my 2.5" squares.  I have been thinking about doing a color quilt with the different colored squares I have. 
- I have used some of them for a red, white, & blue table runner.  I also have been trying to just sew them together once in a while (by color).