29 June 2018

New toy

 I got a new toy recently!!!

Here is Minnie checking it out.

And I added a little bling to it.  I have some ideas of things I can do that are quilting related!! I can't wait to have some time this summer to play with it!

22 June 2018

Finished Quilt

I finished the memory quilt (and washed it).  I love how it turned out.  I took some pictures outside.

20 June 2018

Linked In

I saw a quilt similar to this online.  I wanted to make it.  I decided to use greens for the "links".  It's definitely a lot more green than I anticipated.

18 June 2018

Quilt layout

I finished sewing the flannel to the back of all the blocks, and put them up on the design wall.  I laid them out to see how it I liked it.  I rearranged a few things before I got to this final layout.

14 June 2018

Leaders and enders

Wow! I have 84 of these little blocks!! I love how quickly the come together, and it's so handy when I am working on other things to just have them there and ready.

I pulled out my bow ties quilt to show it to someone, and guess who came and laid down on it!!! I guess he's a quilting kitty ;)

12 June 2018

Finished quilt!

Quilting after getting it pinned.  I chose to do some straight line quilting.


Here is Earl, "helping" me.

And the finished quilt!! I am definitely happy with how it turned out.  And she was happy with the gift :) Definitely a quick turn around for me.  It only took about 3 weeks!

10 June 2018

Finished top!!!!

I don't have a close up on the fabric I ended up choosing for the border, but it's black with multi colored stars.  I think it fits perfect.  I chose to use a solid border instead of a pieced one, because this needed to get done quickly!

I laid it out to get the basting done.  I need more safety pins!

Here's a picture of the back, I don't think it does the back justice.

And now I quilt it!!!

08 June 2018

Memory Quilt - blocks

I have finished interfacing/sewing/cutting all the blocks I needed.  There are a total of 20 blocks, so 4 x 5 blocks.  With the 5th row being slightly longer.

This is not the final layout.  Just me putting them on my design wall to make them easier to count.  I had two blocks that wouldn't stay up there.

These were a pair of leggings.  All I could see on them was "Celine Dion" which is funny to me. 

06 June 2018

Scrappy trips

Someone on Instagram was doing a scrappy trip along, but not as a swap, but just to get a top done.  And since I had done quite a few swaps, I have A LOT of blocks to use.  

Here they are laid out on my wall.  I LOVE having a design wall for instances like these.  I will say I definitely see different things when I take a picture rather than just having them up there.

And because I like to make a million things at once, here are some more strips laid out

04 June 2018

Memory Quilt

I was commissioned to make a memory quilt.

The woman whose clothes these were enjoyed traveling and visited many Hard Rock Cafés.  This is about half of the blocks I would like to have done.

There were also some leggings, I was able to get enough for one block (the top left one) and then I sewed some strips together to get another one.  

02 June 2018

Finished Blocks

I finished all the star blocks! 

I have almost all the sashings on!

My husband helped me lay out the blocks so nothing was too similar next to anything else.

I am trying to decide on how I will make it bigger.  I was thinking a random 2.5" 16 patch

Or maybe a colored 2.5" 16 patch?

01 June 2018

June goals

1. Post in my blog 7 times a month.  Even if I am just updating about how my leader/ender progress is coming.  I need to write!
- Woot! 7 posts in May.  Expect more this month since school is out!!!!

2. Finish Quilts for my nephew (it's started), B for graduation (no clue what to do!), A for Christmas (log cabin), J for Christmas (scrappy strings). Make tee-shirt quilts (3).
- Scrappy strings is coming along, B graduation is coming along, and I am working on two tee-shirt quilts

3. Organize and use my 2.5" squares.  I have been thinking about doing a color quilt with the different colored squares I have. 
- I have used some of them for a red, white, & blue table runner, and I used a bunch more for my monochromatic stars!Although I am not going to lie, the bin doesn't seem that much smaller!!!