28 January 2019

My newest toy!

There was someone near me selling an APQS Ultimate II.  With a 12 foot table!!

We have decided to put the machine in the garage since it's on such a long table.  Maybe we will eventually move it into the house.

I have used long arms in the past, so I am itching to use MINE! but I haven't had time.  Danna has been back for a visit, so I would rather spend time with her. 

I am sure there will be many more pictures of my beautiful new machine & the quilts I finish on her!

25 January 2019

Cat mini


I have not done any swaps on instagram lately because I just don't have the time, I barely have the time to get the stuff I want done! 

But I had to sign up for this one! It was a kitty mini swap! And since I love kitties, I had to do this one!

My partner asked for brights.  This is what I started with. . .


This is what I put on the back

And here is how the front ended up

21 January 2019



Jo-Ann's had a remnant on this Harry Potter fleece, and since some of our pillows are starting to fray I made some new covers for them.  I LOVE them!!  The smaller one I made for sale at a craft fair.

18 January 2019

New quilt!


I need to start a new quilt like I need another hole in the head, but here we are! I took lights and darks, cut them 4.5" long (so it's 4.5" square) and then am sewing them in a stair step type pattern. Not sure what to call this one! (I know it's a rail fence)

17 January 2019

Goals. . .ugh

I know this sounds silly, but I wish there was a decent app to post on my blog with! I have my pictures on my phone, and I only upload them to the computer about once a week.  I guess if I thought about it, while I am backing up my phone I could post.  So we shall see what I can get done.  The last time I updated this was in September!! UGH.

1. Post in my blog 7 times a month.  Even if I am just updating about how my leader/ender progress is coming.  I need to write!
- Didn't get this one done :(

2. Finish Quilts for my nephew (it's started), B for graduation (no clue what to do!), A for Christmas (log cabin), J for Christmas (scrappy strings). Make tee-shirt quilts (3).
- Scrappy strings is coming along, B graduation is done (monochromatic stars), and I am working on two tee-shirt quilts (one done). Nothing new to add to this list :(

3. Organize and use my 2.5" squares.  I have been thinking about doing a color quilt with the different colored squares I have.
This one is done, I would try to find something else to use as a goal, but I am thinking since school has started my sewing time will be drastically cut down.
 I did make a quilt out of these and it really helped!

I am not sure what my goals for 2019 will be.  I have some UFOs I need to get finished.  I also really want to post in my blog more.  I love coming back and reading, it's the getting it posted that ends up being the issue!

16 January 2019

cat toys


I have been busy making cat toys! 

These sell pretty well at my craft fairs!