31 March 2019

Sewing birthday!!

I am visiting a friend for my birthday.  And we are sewing our time away!!!

Nothing much better than ice cream cake and sewing ;)

28 March 2019

Finished Weighted blanket

Here is the finished weighted blanket!

I did mine a little differently than some of the patterns I have seen online.  I used my long arm to make the long channels.  Then my sewing machine to do the cross lines to close each square.  I did 5" spaces, I think if I were to make another one, I would use 6" spaces.

I also triple stitched around the outside, and added binding.  My mother in law definitely has a one of a kind weighted blanket!

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25 March 2019

Pink & Purple squares 2

Here is the quilt laid out with the pink & purple squares.  I think I am going to add another color to it.  But it will be a pink or purple shade.

I now need to decide how I will lay them out.  I might end up having to add a fourth color just to make sure they are spaced out enough!

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20 March 2019

National Quilting day

I definitely did not have time to post on National Quilting day (March 16th) but I made sure I did some sewing :)

I rearranged a little since I last shared my sewing space

I cleared off some things from where I cut/iron to make more room for big things.

I moved the drawers over here, it will take some getting used to, having them in a different spot, but it's definitely been easier to iron with more space.

18 March 2019

Pink & Purple squares

I have been trying to use up my 2.5" squares again.  I found this pattern online.  So I thought I would try it out.  I plan on adding pink to it (hence the name).

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13 March 2019

weighted blanket

My mother in law wanted a weighted blanket, but they are expensive, I told her I would make her one!  So here is about half the rows done.

the kitties of course had to help!

Earl was NOT helping, this is heavy to move through my machine!  I am getting a workout sewing it!

11 March 2019


There are 11 x 13, so 143 blocks. It's getting bigger.  I did the math for my bow ties quilt (which are the same size) I had almost 700 blocks.  So definitely a ways to go!

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06 March 2019

Quilting blue quilt

I have started quilting the baby blue quilt.  I tried to get a picture of it, but I am not sure if it's the lighting or the color of the thread, but it's kind of hard to see.  In the white I was doing lines going left and right, and in the blue up and down.

Here you can see the lines a little more.  I am sure enjoying having the long arm.  It just needs to warm up a little bit.  I can't finish something because my fingers get too cold.

I am excited that Gutermann thread works on my long arm.  I don't have money to spend on brand new thread, but I have quite the collection of Gutermann thread.

04 March 2019

Baby blue Quilt

One of my husband's friends recently had a baby.  He asked if I could make a quilt.  I said sure, if you pick out the pattern, the fabric and help. Scott & his friend actually picked out the fabric together.

Scott picked the design.  And also put it up on the design wall.

Scott had to help me take them down (it's at the top of the design wall, which is 8' tall! there is no way for me to get it down without a step stool!)

Here is a close up of some of the fabrics.