13 May 2019

Bow ties 2 (Teal)

I LOVE my bowtie quilt.  I love how it looks, I love the colors, I love the memories I have with it.  I really wanted to make a second one, but I wasn't sure how I could justify it.

Well my friend Christine loved my bow tie quilt.  So I suggested she save me fabric from quilts she is working on, and I would make her a bow tie quilt, it's win-win! She gets a quilt and I get to make another bow tie quilt ;)

Here is what I have started so far.  I am kind of working on this as a leader ender with my featherweight, and my spools as a leader ender on my 99k.

08 May 2019

Earbud pouch

This is an earbud pouch.

I found dogundermydesk a few years ago via twitter.  I have loved seeing all her patterns.  I haven't make any yet, mainly because quilting is easier with my leader enders.

But I decided to try her earbud pouch.  a) they were super easy to whip up! I made the first one (the red one) in less than 45 minutes (including the cutting time).  And then the bottom two I finished in less than 45 minutes.  I spent a lot of time cutting more out last night!

I like these because they don't use a lot of fabric,and I can use my batting scraps! (It helps saving everything ;) )

06 May 2019

Scrappy Trips 1

I have had some scrappy trips blocks for YEARS! I had joined a few swaps, so I have a lot of variety in my blocks.

I had originally thought about making the quilt 6x8 blocks, but after getting half of it done, I decided 4x6 is actually still a good size!

So I have enough blocks to make a second quilt!

02 May 2019

Cats on Quilts

Well Earl sure loves my new quilt! After I got it washed and put it on the chair in my sewing room he promptly took over :)

Both Minnie & Earl love my bowtie quilt!