30 July 2019

Baby Blue quilt

Here is the finished Baby blue quilt.  I am very happy with it!

Here is the little boy it was for and his family!

29 July 2019

Teal bow ties

This is how I know I have been sewing up a storm, the bow tie blocks are multiplying!  I currently have 60!

26 July 2019

Sewing up a storm

Minnie and I have come to an arrangement while I am cutting fabric.  She lays next to me and "helps".

While I am sewing it is a different story.  Her and Earl both want to help me.

I finished a quilt top, but wanted to make it a little bit bigger, so I am making a border that needs a lot of HSTs (half square triangles).  So I spent a lot of time cutting and sewing.

Minnie has taken a lot of my time also, she just wants to cuddle!

25 July 2019


I put this on the long arm on Tuesday, even though it was a warm out, but the garage is definitely cooler than outside!

I used blue variegated thread.  The quilt took almost 4 bobbins.  I really need to get some more bobbins, but I think thread needs to come before that! I am definitely going through a lot more thread with the long arm!

I chose to do a meander design.

24 July 2019


Here's the back for the blue log cabin quilt.  I added the row and since I couldn't find a piece big enough for the back I added a little.

23 July 2019

Blue log cabin

I started this log cabin in 2015! I had many of the parts done, but putting it together was difficult because of how large it is.

I tried to lay it out to see how much backing I would need.  Earl decided to help.

19 July 2019

Baby blue quilt. . .still quilting

This has been sitting on the long arm for far too long :/ Since I have always rented space on a long arm, I finish quilts shortly after putting them on.  But I was not able to do that for this one.

Then my machine got piled up with stuff.  Even though it was a little warm (my machine is in the garage) I got the quilt finished! Now to get it squared up and put the binding on.

17 July 2019

Kitties are multiplying!

I decided to make some cats that face the left and some that face the right.

Here's how they look around the middle block.

15 July 2019

Round Robin 2

I posted about this second round robin from 2017.  I got kind of stumped on what to do. And then I saw this small cat blocks, and decided to use those to make a border for my round robin.

As I cut up fabric, for projects, I also cut up fabric for my leader/enders (bow tie & spools), but also for this (and a few other sizes for other quilt ideas I have).

12 July 2019

Another new quilt?!

 I need another new quilt like I need a hole in my head.  But I have a nephew who never got a quilt.

I originally laid this design out.  I like it, but because of the variety of colors, it didn't seem like it would work for a little boy.

So I had thought about just using one color and neutral.  I like it a lot more.  Although I already have a few blocks of the other done, so I will probably end up making that a quilt sometime ;)

This block is called quartered star.

10 July 2019

Sewing room refresh

My friend Christine came for a visit.  And she is allergic to cats.  So before she comes I generally try to clean up my sewing room.  After she left I decided that I wanted to completely rearrange my sewing space.  So my husband & I took almost everything out of the room and put it in the hallway.  Then we moved stuff around to try to find a space that would work.  I have a big room, but I have a lot of stuff (shelves and such) and I wanted to be able to get to my design wall.

Now I can access the full design wall!

My space is a big U, which it had been a U before, but not as large.  I feel like I can access everything from where I sit.

And of course I still have Scott's chair so he can keep me company ;)

When I brought things back into my sewing room, I found them a home, I didn't just put them in random spaces, I want to be more organized so I can spend more time sewing!

08 July 2019

Pink & Purples quilt 4

I think I decided to do this layout for the pinks & purples quilt. I have started sewing the blocks into rows!

Now I need to start thinking about if I want a border and what I want on the back!

05 July 2019

Baby kitties

No not real kitties!

These little guys finish at 5"! I am using them as a border for a round robin!

03 July 2019


I wanted to see how my spool blocks were coming, so I put them up on my design wall.  I chose to put them up by color, and I think when I am finished, I might end up doing it like that too (not necessarily this order but by color).

I have 163 little spool blocks done.  Quite a ways to go! But it's a marathon not a sprint ;)

01 July 2019

Bow ties 2 (teal)

Here are my teal bow ties! 

I currently have 20.