28 August 2019

College set

I had two students that I have known since they were freshman (and they are twins) that invited me to their graduation party.  I didn't want to show up empty handed!  I could have just gotten gift cards, but I wanted something unique! 

So I made ear bud zip pouches (from dogundermydesk) and a larger sized one also.

Then I made them each two microwave bowl cozies.

They both enjoyed them!  I wish I would have though to take a picture of the inside.  For the Zip pouches I used fabric that had Eiffel towers on them.

19 August 2019

Tee-shirt Quilt

A friend lost her dad a few years ago.  Her mom gave me some tee shirts that has been her dads.  And I made them into a quilt.

Here are some pictures of the quilting I did

I also pieced the back (but not from my stash)

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14 August 2019


This is what I got done at the Thursday group I have joined at the library. 

Here is a sampling of the border on my design wall.  I don't normally like to do borders, because when I get a quilt top done, I just want to finish it! But the quilt this is going on, needed to be a little bit bigger.

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06 August 2019

Scrappy trips

 I finished my two scrappy trips quilts in April.  I needed to use up two bobbins that had purple thread on them (I also need to buy more bobbins!)  So these were perfect.  I used up whatever I had at home to make the back.

The quilting actually didn't take long.  I think it's because I usually make bigger quilts.  But I got this one quilted in under and hour.  (That does not include loading it)

I did wavy lines going the same direction as each block.  Something different than a meander!